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Elephant Caves : Mumbai

The island in Mumbai (Bombay) Harbour which houses this cave-temple, locally known as Grahapuri, was named Elephanta by 16th-century Portuguese travellers who discovered a stone elephant there

It’s so important to travel by yourself and with others, each time it will be a different experience. That’s the beauty of travel .

Elephanta caves & Ferry Ferry Ride

How far is Elephanta caves from gateway of India ?

Welcome to Elephanta Caves, tucked away in a desolate island locally called Gharapuri (city of caves) 10 kilometers east of the Gateway of India.







Which day Elephanta caves close ?

It is closed on Mondays and the Elephanta Caves timings are from 9am to 5pm.

How long does it take to see elephant caves ?

4 to 5 hours

Normally,you  should budget 4 to 5 hours as time taken to  visit elephanta caves.

Eating Out :

If you are interested in local Indian food, an MTDC run resort offers a fine local spread at a reasonable cost. There are other local food vendors at Cannon Hill and outside the caves selling wild berries, tea, coffee and other refreshments if you are just looking for quick snacks.



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