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Triund is a hill station and a beautiful place in state of Himachal Pradesh, India. 

How Long Triund trek

The total distance between Triund and McLeodganj is 9 km, and thus, the average Triund trek time is only about 4 hours to the top. Thus, it’s possible to complete this trek within a day, and reach McLeodganj by the evening.

Best Time To Visit Triund

The months of May-June & September-October are the best time to visit this place as it is very pleasant here during these months

views are amazing

Triund is panoramic views . Once you reach the grassy meadows where the trek ends, the clouds descend to give you company and the view is absolutely spectacular! 

Night at Triund is even better than day

First, you get to experience the awe-inspiring sunrise and sunset, not to mention the star-studded night sky.. Second, you get to take an early morning hike towards the Kareri Lake and make the trek up even more worthwhile


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