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Wonderful benefits of Travelling

Siridi :  Located at Shirdi in Maharashtra, The nearest railway station  is sited at Manmad . Shirdi is located about 270 kms from Mumbai in India The time taken to line up for the Samadhi Temple and have darshan varies. It can be completed in one hour, or can take up to six hours. The average time is 2-3 hours Famous Food In Shirdi : You can get every kind of food in Shirdi. The best ones are Ladoos(Prasad) which are made from nuts and bundi, the food served in Prasadalaya, fruits…

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Travel : Different experience in Life

Elephant Caves : Mumbai Visit to Elephanta caves is must in case you can not go to Ellora caves as you can see all the sculptures dedicated to Lord Shiva at Ellora, at Elephanta caves. It's so important to travel by yourself and with others, each time it will be a different experience. That's the beauty of travel . Elephanta caves & Ferry Ferry Ride I like traveling very much. Traveling - it's like a hobby for me, and I do save to do traveling and to go to the places I wish to know. It's a wonderful experience every time…

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